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Building your website, one page at a time

Web design is about much more than your website. The online experience that you offer to your audience is now the single most important way that they are going to interact with your brand, which means that you need to take a functional yet flexible approach to design.

How important is great web design? According to research by Adobe, 38% of people will stop engaging if they find a page unattractive. This just goes to show that it doesn’t matter how good your content is, if your web development isn’t working, your visitors are going to bounce.

Of course, the UX (user experience) is just one side of the coin. Mobile devices account for nearly two out of every three minutes spent online, which makes the coding of your site equally important. Blending great UX and quality coding can be an art form – but it’s essential for getting your visitors to come back.

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tpgroup’s new website is a key part of their digital brand transformation

Peachtree retirement homes website

We developed the Peachtree website for Your Housing Group

Bespoke website design: What’s included?

We believe that both form and function are equally important when it comes to website design. Our award-winning developers are fluent in HTML, CSS and JavaScript, which means that you’ll receive a bespoke website that looks and performs exactly as you need.

All our web design projects start with a consultation and project proposal followed by our brand discovery workshop so that we can truly understand what makes you and your customers click.

  • Consultation and project proposal
  • Conceptual designs for home pages and sitemaps
  • Front-end development and asset creation
  • Back-end development
  • Comprehensive functionality and UX testing
  • CMS and user profile setup
  • Google Analytics integration
  • Launch and post-launch support

How we build a website

1. Discovery Workshop
When it comes to web design, function very much leads form. It’s vital to establish the purpose of your site before we start focusing our creativity and experience into developing a functional solution. Our Discovery Workshop is the perfect way of getting to clearly define the purpose of your online solution and focus in on the features and functionality that matter.

2. Plan
Once we have clear objectives set, we create a clear design and development plan and set to work bringing your brand to life online.



3. Build
Our developers are fluent in HTML, CSS and JavaScript, which means that you get a bespoke website developed for your own unique needs. And as we build it all in code, it means that your site will be as clean and efficient as possible – something that search engines love.

4. Launch & support
Flexible templates combined with easy content management within the WordPress framework means that maintaining your site will be as fluid an experience as it is for your users. But, we also supply full post-launch support as well – Not that you should need it, but it’s nice to know, right?

Website Design Specialities

E-commerce Website Development

The global reach and low running costs make the benefits of e-commerce huge, but you still need the right approach to appeal to your market. With the support of our brand strategy team you can develop a customer experience that drives business and brand growth.

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Microsites & Landing Pages

Microsites and dedicated landing pages allow you to freshen up your brand without damaging your image. With Engine Creative working on the concept and design, your campaign microsite and landing pages will start delivering on your business goals in no time!

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