TV Campaign Website



Add brand value to a national TV campaign and drive the target audience to purchase products online

Engine Creative undertook the ambitious task of recreating the Parisian environment as a Flash interactivity to encourage customers to view the advert and, ultimately, purchase the products online. Products are revealed in the shop windows as they appear in the advert, giving users the ability to ‘shop the ad’. The Flash interactivity also includes social media integration enabling users to share their online experience of the advert.

A Parisien parallax

Next TV campaigns have now become events in their own right; glossy productions shot on location that has helped to reposition the Next brand as desirable and aspirational. The online promotion is key to the overall success of the campaign and the target audience expect the same high level of quality in their digital experience.

Brand engagement


Increase in traffic and online purchases due to intuitive transition between the TV campaign and online activity


Additional online content builds brand loyalty and customer engagement