Network Rail Future Railway Video

We transformed Network Rail’s perception through the production of a dynamic ‘Future Railway’ video, establishing its Rail Technology team as disruptive innovators in the railway industry.

Our strategic and creative approach led to a breakthrough narrative and amplified Network Rail’s position as a thought leader of innovation in the rail industry.

Network Rail

– Creative Workshops
– Concept & Strategy
– Art Direction & Design Language
– Storyboarding & Pre-visualisation
– Motion Graphics Design & Animation

– Transportation, Infrastructure, and Digital Innovation

Network Rail, a leading organisation in UK rail infrastructure maintenance and development, faced challenges in promoting the innovative initiatives of its Rail Technology team.

As well as needing to increase visibility of their work and educate Government bodies, regulators, the Network Rail executive leadership team, and the general public, the Rail Technology team wanted to engage with the next generation of innovators in the rail sector.

We developed an in-depth understanding of the challenges and key insights during Discovery sessions with the Rail Technology team. This enabled us to formulate a comms strategy focused on confident messaging, pioneering design direction and an optimistic narrative that captured the team’s disruptive spirit.

Using insights from the Discovery work, our creative team developed several high-level concepts and mood reels that redefined what innovation could look and sound like in the rail sector.

Alongside the concept development, a bold and ambitious script was created to hone in on key messaging and act as a call to action for innovators to be part of the Future Railway story.

MacBook with still image of Network Rail Future Railway Video

Still of Network Rail Future Railway Video on a monitor in the background of a meeting

The resulting ‘Future Railway’ video is distinctively different from the norm in the rail industry. Punchy animated typography combined with vibrant colours and a hard-hitting and engaging narrative delivers a unique and forward-thinking call-to-arms for innovators and partners to be part of Network Rail’s vision.

The disruptive video served as the centrepiece at the flagship RIA Innovation Conference, redefining the team’s innovation activities to key industry influences.

Short-form edits of the video have been created for distribution across key social channels and to be used in F2F and event scenarios, providing the Rail Technology team with a solid and ambitious platform for developing their comms strategy.

Still of Network Rail Future Railway Video with the words 'revolutionise'

Public space with still image of Network Rail Future Railway Video on a TV

Exhibition mockup with Network Rail Future Railway Video 'green' theme

Graphic with words 'innovation' and 'transformation'

Monitor playing Network Rail Future Railway Video as the focal point in a meeting

Diamond shaped graphic with the word 'Collaboration'

Laptop mockup with Network Rail Future Railway Video playing