Building a Smarter Brand and Business with AI Solutions and Integrations

Artificial intelligence (AI) is easily the most transformative technology available to brands and businesses today.

At Engine Creative, we have long been committed to integrating AI throughout our business to provide smarter insights and enhanced services for our clients.

At the beginning of the year we took that commitment one step further and started providing AI Solutions and Integrations as a service, working closely with forward-thinking clients to help them adopt AI to enhance efficiencies, gain new insights, and drive innovation and digital transformation within their business.

Fig 1.

AI Solutions and Integrations As A Service

Our AI Solutions and Integrations service is an extension of our Digital Innovation offering, which has always been a core part of who we are as an agency:

“Digital innovation is in our DNA and we make sure that our clients harness the very latest technology to enhance products, services, processes, and culture, and design new and improved ways of doing things.”

The service was developed in response to client demand for straightforward and practical ways into AI adoption for their business, with many brands we work with acknowledging the need to kick-start their AI journey but not knowing how or where to start.

This is reflected in recent research that identified a huge majority of businesses (82%) are pressing ahead with investment in AI, even though 50% of them are still unclear on its potential impact or how to implement it.

Let’s break the service offering down:

AI Strategy and Processes
We work together with clients to develop custom AI strategies that align with their business goals. We also take care of AI process integration, ensuring that the implementation of AI is seamless and effective.

AI Enhanced Efficiencies
We help businesses develop custom AI-powered solutions that aim to streamline operations, increase efficiency, and boost productivity.

AI Integrations
The integration of AI into existing systems can be a complex process. Our design and development team identifies the specific needs, audits core data, assesses existing IT infrastructure, and ensures that any integration is as seamless as possible and scalable.

Generative AI (Copy, Image, Audio, Video)
We utilise Generative AI to transform the content creation processes. We help businesses to leverage this innovative technology to create custom AI-generated copy, images, audio, and video aligned to their brand and comms needs.

AI Analytics Insights
Our team provides AI analytics insights that result in data-driven decision-making. This can include using predictive analytics, natural language processing, and deep learning to extract deep insights from data.

Fig 2.

Examples of AI Solutions and Integrations for Brands and Businesses

The following two examples are real-world case studies of AI in action for our clients, both of which started with Discovery sessions to discuss and review key brand and business challenges:

Marketing – AI Brand Voice and Generative AI Content Creation
Our client was struggling with quality and consistency in their brand comms, particularly relating to written content. With our in-depth knowledge of their brand, we defined and refined a brand voice AI model that is referenced in bespoke AI prompts for core repeatable content that needs to be created on a regular basis (social posts, product descriptions, etc).

Whilst much of the content creation work is now run through AI, we ensured that the brand team are involved at the beginning and end of the process, essentially acting as editors to manage and maintain quality and personality in all of their output.

Education – AI Assessments and Student Support
A key challenge in the HE (Higher Education) sector is to provide the best and most personalised experience for distance learning students.

As learning design experts, our team already has a wealth of experience in creating engaging and effective student experiences. By integrating AI into the process we have been able to make the experience even more personalised through module-specific AI formative and summative assessments that track individual student progress and provide progress tracking and areas for improvement.

Most notably, the process requires no input from the educators (i.e. the lecturers) as all assessments are automatically generated using AI models trained on the lesson materials.

In addition to the module-specific support, a course-wide AI support assistant has been set up to help with common questions about the Learning Management System (LMS), such as How to submit assignments, how to access and download course materials, how to participate in discussion forums, and how to use different features and tools available in the LMS.

Fig 3.

AI Technology Considerations

Both of the examples of AI solutions described above use different AI models, platforms, and processes to deliver AI enhancements for our client’s specific needs.

This technology-neutral approach is key to AI adoption for brands and businesses as there are a wealth of key AI technologies and platforms for business integration including IBM Watson® for NLP, OpenAI GPTs for advanced conversational AI, and Google Cloud AI, Microsoft Azure AI, and AWS AI for comprehensive machine learning and data analysis tools.

By first assessing the business requirements and objectives and then building a custom solution for our clients, we are able to design, develop, and deploy effective AI solutions for unique needs that can be scaled and developed further as new technologies and new AI capabilities become available.

Your Trusted AI Integration Partner

The integration of AI technology is no longer a luxury, but a necessity for businesses seeking to drive efficiencies, streamline operations, and gain valuable insights.

At Engine Creative, we are dedicated to helping our clients harness the power of AI to achieve their business goals. With our comprehensive suite of AI services and a team of digital experts, we are your trusted partner in digital transformation.

Contact Engine Creative today for a consultation and discover how our AI Solutions and Integrations can help engineer your brand and business for the future.