About Us

We are a creative service and digital product agency


We have a thirst for innovation and are positive about the power of brands to shape the world.

We are passionate about bringing brands to life online, on mobile devices and through augmented and virtual experiences.

We work in partnership with our clients to help them creatively connect with their customers on any channel, size screen or location.

We work hard to combine digital innovation with creative inspiration and seamless user experience delivering unrivalled brand engagement for our clients.

Our Values

We partner with visionary marketing directors who share our values, to create impactful products that captivate audiences and leave a lasting, positive effect on the world.

Our Values

Learning Curiosity to understand the unknown
Teamwork Ship, Shipmate, Self in that order
Imagination To think of something new
Simplicity Making sense of complexity
Values Creating a win-win
Integrity Say what you do, do what you say.

Creativity Milestones

Innovation Milestones

Innovating and investing in AR, XR, and 3D early has given us some impressive accolades, as we created both the world’s first augmented magazine and the UK’s first augmented reality album cover. Through our innovative AR designers and developers, we’ve won multiple awards over the years and put our money where our mouth is with the development of REYDAR, our very own spatial experience platform.

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Award-winning Enginnovation

Recognition of our innovative solutions that redefine industry standards.

Creativity and innovation - RAR Award Winners
The world’s first fully augmented magazine - BBC Top Gear
The UK’s first augmented album cover - Ting TIngs
Most Effective Retail Campaign or Solution - Tesco Discover
Best AR Platform - Reality Engine
Best Mobile App - Tesco Discover
Most Innovative App - Tesco Discover
Creativity and innovation - RAR Digital Award Winners
Brand Development Strategy of the Year - Heat Extra App
Recommended Agency - 8 years running
Best Mobile App (Shortlisted) - Tesco Discover
Best News / Media / Publishing or Campaign - BBC Top Gear Magazine
Best Video Website / Use of Video - BBC Top Gear Magazine
Best use of Technology / 3D / AR - Tesco Discover
Best Mobile App UK and EMEA - Smarties award - BIC Kids DrawyBook


We believe that having a project team with the necessary skills, working closely together, is the best way to achieve excellence for our clients.


Delivery and Operations

By collaborating as one team, we can reduce risks in design, development, and quality assurance. Additionally, by carefully managing daily tasks and interacting with clients, we can improve task delegation and client satisfaction.


Matthew Key
Managing Director

Committed to continual growth and infusing innovation into Engine Creative’s & REYDAR’s brand propositions.

Andy Wise
Client Services Director

Committed to fostering strategic partnerships and enhancing client relationships.

Emma Burden
Studio Manager

Adept at liaising with clients, managing project delivery, and handling crucial aspects like finance administration and HR

Dan Smith
Creative Director

Devoted to driving innovative design solutions and fostering a creative environment.





Anuja Pathak
Production Manager

Experienced in managing a gamut of projects in sectors such as retail, consumer electronics, manufacturing, automotive, and many others.

Jarone Parke
Digital Lead

Dedicated to continuous learning and injecting innovative thinking into the field of software development.