Spatial Experiences

Pioneers in AR and XR since 2011


The future is now and it’s spatial and immersive

Spatial experiences and immersive technologies have the power to fundamentally transform the way we interact with our computing devices, the Internet, and the world around us. With a track record of working on Augmented Reality (AR) and 3D experiences dating back to 2011, Engine Creative has always been at the forefront of this revolution.

Our early adoption and innovation have given us unique insights that no other agency can provide and we’ve used this unrivalled AR agency expertise to create groundbreaking, pioneering AR and 3D services and content experiences for the biggest brands in the world.

Through the work of our AR and 3D designers and developers, we’ve won multiple awards over the years and put our money where our mouth is with the development of REYDAR, our very own AR browser and platform.

3D Experiences

We design and build 3D assets and experiences optimised for use in AR, VR, and XR.

– 3D Design & Animation
– 3D Modelling
– Realtime 3D Experiences

Augmented Reality (AR)

Our award-winning AR services has delivered some impressive accolades including the world’s first AR magazine and the UK’s first AR album cover.

– AR Experience Design
– WebAR Development
– AR App Development

Mixed Reality (MR/XR)

By seamlessly blending the physical and virtual worlds, we develop interactive and immersive experiences beyond the screen.

– XR Experience Design
– Virtual Showrooms & Tours
– Virtual Product Configurators

Augmented Reality Showreel


We create spatial experiences for some of the world’s most forward-thinking brands.

“Thanks to the Engine Creative team for their great creativity and teamwork. It is a real pleasure working with them and their digital expertise has been key to the successful launch of the unique and unprecedented BIC Kids DrawyBook app.”

BiC’s European Digital Marketing Manager, Nathalie Hoffherr

Introducing REYDAR, our very own Spatial Experience Platform

REYDAR is our 3D, Augmented Reality, and Spatial Experience Platform designed to bring products to life. It is the culmination of more than a decade working with AR, XR, and 3D technology and enables brands, retailers, businesses, and publishers to embrace the full potential of Spatial Experiences.

REYDAR Virtual Product Viewer
REYDAR Virtual Samples Viewer
REYDAR Product configurator
REYDAR Metaspaces
– REYDAR-powered iOS, Vision OS and Android Apps




Are you ready for the Spatial Era?

Innovating and investing in AR, XR, and 3D early has given us some impressive accolades, as we created both the world’s first augmented magazine and the UK’s first augmented reality album cover. Through our innovative AR designers and developers, we’ve won multiple awards over the years and put our money where our mouth is with the development of REYDAR, our very own spatial experience platform.


PC Era

Standalone computers mainly focused on individual productivity and local storage

Internet Era

Web 1
– A “read-only” static web
– Search engines
– Email

Mobile Era

Web 2
– Mobile devices
– Social networking
– User-generated content
– Dynamic web services

Spatial Era

Web 3
– 3D/AR virtual objects
– Virtual spatial environments
– Blockchain authentication
– Interoperability
– Artificial intelligence

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