Network Rail Gamified Learning Experience

The High Output team at Network Rail owns, operates, and maintains 20,000 miles of track across the UK. Their goal is to carry out 70% of Britain’s track renewals by working through the night and across weekends to minimise disruption.

Network Rail approached Engine Creative who were able to build an engaging learning experience that helped staff practice their role in a safe and managed way, increasing staff confidence and knowledge.

Network Rail

– Concept Development
– UX/UI Design and Rapid Prototyping
– 3D Experience Design and Development
– Content Creation (2D, 3D, Animation)
– Mobile App Design and Development

– Transport

– Improved learning outcomes through gamification
– Bespoke learning solutions built for engagement
– Reduction in maintenance costs

Network Rail had previously used a suite of existing digital learning solutions to train their High Output teams. However, they were struggling to achieve their objectives as they found that traditional eLearning platforms struggled to engage users due to outdated design styles and poor gamification techniques.

By combining the engagement and interaction of consumer-facing games with the technical accuracy and process-driven nature of training experiences, Engine Creative has created a unique and immersive High Output learning experience that provides an insight into a day in the life of a track worker. This was enhanced by a range of photorealistic interactive 3D scenarios that were created to tell the story, providing users with an interactive way to add context to their learning journey.

The High Output gamified learning experience can be deployed across multiple channels, from AR and VR to web and mobile app. The app includes gamification features designed to increase engagement and improve learning outcomes.

The resulting set of immersive digital learning assets that can be deployed across multiple channels has helped Network Rail successfully deliver a scalable solution – one that will continue to help them provide safe rail services while reducing costs in maintenance over time.

From learning design to content creation, experience development, and deployment Engine Creative are able to offer a complete bespoke learning solution built on over a decade working with AR, VR and 3D and immersive technologies.

Network Rail High Output gamified learning experience 1

3D scenario learning experience - Network Rail High Output

Network Rail High Output gamified learning experience 2

Gamified learning experience - Network Rail High Output 2

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