Mastercard Immersive Internal Communications Campaign

By integrating innovative and immersive 3D Augmented Reality (AR) into internal communications, Mastercard has created new levels of engagement among its colleagues and partners.

Working as a trusted creative and digital partner with Mastercard’s Creative Studio, Engine Creative continues to help the global brand deliver on the innovation at the core of its business.


– Concept Development
– UX/UI Design and Rapid Prototyping
– 3D AR Experience Design and Development
– Content Creation (2D, 3D, Animation)
– Campaign Activation & Hosting


– Technology, Finance

– Multiple rapid campaign activations
– Global, multi-language AR campaigns
– Average engagement times of 127 seconds

– View the Snowglobe Campaign
– View the Gift Campaign
– View the Ice Sculpture Campaign

As a global payment solutions company renowned for its innovation, Mastercard is always exploring new ways to use technology in effective and engaging ways.

The end-of-year communication to all colleagues and partners is always a particular challenge in terms of getting engagement. With a specific objective to deliver a ‘wow’ moment whilst also taking into consideration accessibility and project time constraints, the campaign had to be delivered by email to recipients in different time zones, languages, and cultures.

Our solution was rooted in utilising the proven efficacy of our REYDAR 3D viewer, an immersive solution that can be quickly and efficiently deployed as a customisable and accessible Web AR campaign.

We began by conceptualising and visualising our proposed AR experiences. Using a ‘holiday’ theme we created a range of interactive experiences that could be shared with different audiences. These concepts were then refined and developed into fully-formed 3D AR experiences, tested, and deployed to thousands of recipients.

The end-of-year communications were successfully launched as three distinct email campaigns all using the same AR mechanism.

A simple QR code triggers an AR 3D model to come to life in front of them. Depending on the campaign, users can then contribute to one of Mastercard’s chosen charities (their priceless cause partners) and unwrap an augmented surprise!

The innovative Web AR solution has increased engagement in internal communications and delivered the ‘wow’ moments with a little bit of clever AR Mastercard magic.