Canon Virtual Trade Show Experience

For Canon, a global leader in imaging technology, it is key that they continue to innovate to connect their products with consumers.

Engine Creative delivered a game-changing solution by recreating Canon’s trade show environment in fully immersive 3D with enhanced AR to showcase hero products in augmented reality.


– Concept Development
UX/UI Design and Rapid Prototyping
3D & AR Experience Design and Development
Content Creation (2D, 3D, Animation)
– Activation & Hosting
REYDAR powered


– Technology

– Increased customer engagement and satisfaction
– Enhanced brand visibility and product awareness
– Improved customer experience and access to product experts

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Canon has always been committed to innovation, and its approach to launching new products and providing product demos when faced with significant challenges – such as physical events being canceled – was no exception.

Their primary objectives were to find a way to bring real-world experiences to life virtually and continue engaging with customers in a meaningful way.

We formulated a strategy to develop Canon Vision, a fully immersive 3D virtual trade show experience. By reproducing Canon’s trade show environment, customers could still explore products and solutions despite the cancellation of physical events.

As well as creating a fully explorable environment with intuitive browsing and easy navigation, we provided exclusive content, including short film screenings, downloadable documents, and product videos.

Contact forms provided quick engagement with product experts, and AR was integrated throughout to showcase hero products in augmented reality.

Our virtual trade show solution not only exceeded Canon’s goals for brand visibility and customer engagement but also had a profound impact on their overall business performance with the integration of augmented reality taking the experience to another level.

The increased customer interest and product understanding directly translated into improved sales potential for Canon, leading to a significant return on investment.