UPS 3D Immersive Metaverse Experience

Global logistics giant UPS faced the challenge of highlighting their commitment to innovation at the delayed Expo 2020 at a time when face-to-face interaction at scale was impractical.

By working closely with the UPS team, we delivered a groundbreaking industry-first solution – the HIVE by UPS, a digital pavilion that offers visitors a glimpse into the future of logistics through interactive exhibits and metaverse-only experiences.


– Concept Development
– UX/UI Design and Rapid Prototyping
– 3D Metaverse Experience Design and Development
– Content Creation (2D, 3D, Animation)
– Activation & Hosting
– REYDAR powered

– Logistics

450k Attendees
35,000 sq ft innovation space
12 unique business zones
455 seconds average dwell time


As well as highlighting their commitment to innovation at Expo 2020, UPS wanted to create a memorable experience that would demonstrate their leadership in the logistics industry.

With plans and logistics for the entire event changing regularly due to uncertainties in the events industry, the challenge to innovate was coupled with the need to deliver a comprehensive UPS event experience in an incredibly short time.

We formulated a strategy to create a 3D immersive brand event metaspace – the HIVE by UPS – combining real-world and metaverse experiences. By integrating AI and dynamic content, we were able to transform the way UPS engaged with their customers and showcase their innovation in a way that was previously unimaginable.

In addition to creating the HIVE by UPS, we developed a single CMS to handle multi-language options, making the metaverse solution globally accessible. We also ensured a multi-channel deployment, allowing visitors to engage with the HIVE through various platforms and devices.

Our tailored solution had a significant impact on UPS, cementing their position as thought leaders in the industry and exceeding their goals for the project.

Through the implementation of the HIVE by UPS, UPS experienced a significant increase in customer engagement and interest in their innovative solutions.

The metaverse platform has also provided UPS with valuable insights and analytics, enabling them to make data-driven decisions and drive continuous innovation in their customer service operations.