SMART Modular Buildings AR Configurator App

SMART Modular Buildings is the UK’s leading manufacturer of garden office buildings and faced growing competition and the need to attract high-quality leads in the quick-moving garden rooms market.

We developed the industry’s best and most comprehensive AR (Augmented Reality) Garden Room Configurator and Visualiser App allowing customers to customise and visualise their ideal garden office or studio, transforming the buying experience.

SMART Modular Buildings

– Digital Product Feasibility
– Concept Development
– UX/UI Design and Rapid Prototyping
– App Design and Development
– Content Creation (3D product modelling)
– Activation & Support


– Construction

– Achieved market leadership position
– Customers freely exploring design options
– Averaging 154.7 completed builds every week
– Saving the SMART team an average of 628 hours every month

– The SMART AR Configurator App

SMART Modular Buildings faced increasing competition in the garden rooms market and needed to attract high-quality leads while differentiating themselves from competitors.

Enabling customers to visualise their dream garden office and explore countless design options has historically been a time-consuming process for the sales team. Anything that can be done to reduce timescales and increase the quality of visualisation would provide SMART Modular Buildings with a huge competitive advantage.

We developed a cutting-edge AR visualiser app, collaborating with SMART to incorporate 64 different sizes, and a range of customisations for panels, windows, doors, and unique interior features.

All high-quality 3D product models and variations were created and optimised for use in AR. The bespoke iPad app was designed and developed to be used both as a consumer-facing app and as a sales tool by the SMART team.

Each product configuration generates a unique code that can be used to create a formal quote, reducing the turnaround time from lead to sales and freeing up the SMART team to generate even more new business.

Leveraging the REYDAR platform and our team of AR experts we delivered a user-friendly and fully branded AR experience that saves valuable time and positions SMART as the market leader in the industry.

The app’s intuitive design and comprehensive customisation options have generated a significant increase in customer satisfaction.

The enhanced visual representation resulted in a higher conversion rate, with the AR feature enabling customers to quickly and easily visualise their bespoke design in their garden.

The Garden Room Visualiser App has become a key differentiator for SMART, solidifying its status as an industry leader.

“The ability to enter the building once sited in your garden, then to walk around it and look out into your very own garden is phenomenal.”

Sue Phillips, SMART Garden

The return on investment is not a monetary goal, it is a market leading goal, to be seen as a garden room market leader, always at the forefront of technologies.

Sue Phillips, SMART Garden