Arden University Immersive Learning Platform

Arden University has a proud heritage of innovation in higher education and their Forensic and Criminal Investigation BSc (Hons) course has now achieved industry-wide recognition including being nominated for the prestigious Bett Innovation Award.

By integrating cutting-edge technology and high-quality interactive content, Engine Creative has created a truly transformative immersive platform that brings learning to life and improves learning outcomes for students.

Arden University

– Concept Development
– UX/UI Design and Rapid Prototyping
– 3D AR Experience Design and Development
– Content Creation (2D, 3D, Animation)
– Activation & Hosting
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Bett Innovation Award Finalist
– Fully immersive and SCORM-compliant learning modules
– The best-performing Arden course in its first year
– Oversubscribed by 112%
– Higher grades and more robust learning outcomes
– Extended partnership to deliver two years’ worth of modules

Arden University wanted to provide a unique virtual crime world learning experience that would make this course stand out from other distance learning courses and attract new students on to the course. The core challenge was to realistically mirror real-life situations and scenarios, empowering students to confront decisions, select equipment and strategies, and step into various roles essential for the progression of the crime investigation.

For the first phase, six captivating learning modules were required, each embracing a distinctive storyline that would immerse students in a simulation of a real-life criminal investigation.

Working closely with Arden University, the challenge was to expertly craft a learning experience that would not only keep their students engaged but also offer them valuable experience that would help them develop their skills and understand what it is like to go through the criminal investigation process from start to finish.

Our dedicated in-house team created 6 modules that utilised powerful technology to immerse students in a realistic story and captivating narrative. We combined fully rendered 3D environments that could be freely explored and interacted with, alongside 3D and AR integrations that allow students to explore and inspect evidence and equipment in their very own space

It was also essential to accurately illustrate forensics and policing professions. As such, modules were incorporated to simulate experiences such as interviewing suspects, gathering intel, strategic planning, teamwork coordination, and decision-making based on the cumulated evidence. Students, as such, aren’t simply passive absorbers of information; they are active participants, taking on the dynamic roles of police officers and detectives within a realistic and engaging setting.

Immersive modules also provide quizzing and learning checkpoints, providing analytics and reporting where both students and teachers can track their performance, accessed through downloadable reports or the online dashboard. Each Module is SCORM-compliant and can be integrated into a learning management system (LMS).

Every module was intentionally designed to complement their learning outcomes and objectives, developed to be rich in content and, above all, compelling in delivery.


Arden University’s Forensic and Criminal Investigation programme and Policing and Criminal Investigation programme have enjoyed added appeal to students thanks to the implementation of the immersive learning modules. The positive impact of this pedagogy has been immediate, with participating students achieving notable higher grades and more robust learning outcomes.

Building on this success, two additional years of immersive learning experience are to be added, expanding the total to 26 immersive learning modules across the full three-year course. Arden University is committed to continued innovation and progress in education with immersive technologies that enable the delivery of more comprehensive, interactive, and engaging learning experiences.

“Our students are absolutely loving the Reydar Immersive Learning platform in our innovative program. They find it remarkably interactive and user-friendly and the link between frequent use of the tool and academic performance is promising. This technology is truly revolutionising teaching and learning at Arden University.”

Rach Strzelecki, Head of the School of Investigation, Security and Defence 

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