Fully Immersive VR Experience

The ultimate ‘try-before-you-buy’ VR experience

We were approached by a high end hot tub company, who design and develop high-quality personal luxury spas, to create a VR experience to increase engagement with their products at trade shows, exhibitions and in sales showrooms.

To give customers a unique immersive hot tub experience (without the need to don their Speedos!), virtual reality (VR) technology was utilised, providing prospective customers a taste of luxury spa ownership.

Would-be hot tub owners can experience a full body massage in a steaming tub while watching the magic of the Northern Lights, configure the hot tub in their preferred colour and finish, or simply sit back and enjoy a showcase of the key features of the product.

Increased brand engagement through innovation

With our award winning extended reality (AR, VR, MxR) expertise, we were able to develop the VR experience ready for launch at a huge trade event, which attracts over one million visitors per year.

As well as an immediate return on investment, with multiple sales on the first day following the launch of the VR hot tub experience, the company has firmly positioned itself ahead of the curve in terms of digital innovation compared to its competitors.

Building a unique emotional connection 

Innovative thinking combined with Engine Creative’s digital and creative expertise has resulted in a unique and truly immersive VR experience that is getting customers emotionally connected to the product in ways that are not possible through traditional channels.

Testament to this emotional engagement has been the reaction by would-be customers when experiencing the VR hot tub. One customer was so blown away by the experience that he returned to buy one just a few hours later, claiming he just couldn’t get the experience out of this head!

VR and AR hot tubs for everyone!

As well as the VR experience being rolled out to SteamVR to make it available to even more would-be customers around the world, an augmented reality (AR) version has also been developed for the App Store and Google Store.

AR enables the hot tub company to get their products into the homes of anyone with a smartphone or tablet device, enabling prospective customers to visualise a range of luxury spa products in their own home, configuring and exploring the key features in their own time.

Through the use of VR and AR, we have created the ultimate ‘try-before-you-buy’ digital experience – a world-first for the spa industry!