Augmented Reality Retail Campaign for Students

New Look

New Look

An advanced augmented product chooser to build brand loyalty with students

We created a range of augmented reality (AR) experiences using our award winning AR platform, Reality Engine, to bridge the gap between the real and digital worlds of our young target audience.

The AR campaigns enabled students in the UAE to scan their New Look Student Card to reveal special offers and interactive features using a free app. This included being able to ‘create their own look’ by mixing and matching New Look products on their mobiles.

Share and share a like

All of the AR campaigns had social integration built-in enabling them to share their New Look mobile experiences with others. As well as building mobile buzz around the New Look brand offering, the campaigns captured a range of contextual data which was fed back into subsequent campaign activity.

Brand engagement

6m 53s

Average engagement


The 1st AR campaign in the Middle East


Interactions a month