Haleon Otrivin In-store Interactive Product Explainer

When healthcare giant, Haleon, needed a unique approach to launch their new Otrivin product across Europe, they identified AR as a possible solution.

Using our unique REYDAR 3D and AR platform, the Engine Creative team designed, developed, and deployed an in-store immersive product explainer that notched up an impressive 220,000 views within two months.


– Concept Development
– UX/UI Design and Rapid Prototyping
– 3D AR Experience Design and Development
– Content Creation (2D, 3D, Animation)
– Campaign Activation & Hosting


– Healthcare

– Over 220,000 views within 2 months
– In-store POS brought to life using AR
– Multiple translations for different territories
– Comprehensive tracking and analytics

Haleon is one of the largest consumer healthcare businesses in the world with a vast European distribution network.

When launching their new Otrivin product they struggled to find a way to effectively connect in-store product displays with deeper product information. For a European-wide campaign, they also needed to make sure that all comms and digital experiences would track and translate seamlessly across different territories and languages.

By tapping into the power and functionality of our REYDAR 3D and AR technology, we were able to design and deploy an immersive AR product explainer for Otrivin.

Launched as in-store activations through interactive POS with unique QR codes, the Otrivin product is brought to life in 3D AR with interactive hotspots providing key product information. This includes a 3D visualisation of the nasal mist in action that users can activate by tapping on the product.

The innovative mixed reality campaign connects shoppers with the Otrivin product, bridging point-of-sale product display to in-depth product knowledge.

As well as the in-store POS activation, the immersive AR product explainer was used as the hero CTA for all digital marketing activity to promote the product launch.

Every view and interaction was tracked with unique codes for each market and language, providing Haleon with valuable insights into the way their customers interact with their product and helping them to build stronger relationships with shoppers across Europe both in-store and across digital channels.

Otrivin In-store Immersive Product Explainer gentle mist hotspot

Otrivin In-store Immersive Product Explainer hotspots