Exertis Augmented Reality B2B Sales Channel


Making extraordinary happen with Reydar

With over 700 global technology brands, Exertis is one of the UK’s fastest-growing distributors of technology products. Their core value – “Make extraordinary happen” – has been instrumental in their adoption of AR (Augmented Reality) as a way of engaging with a complex and diverse customer base of more than 13,000 retailers, all delivered through our award-winning AR platform, Reydar.

Building an Augmented Reality B2B Sales channel, powered by Reydar

Tasked with finding new and innovative ways to sell technology products to their customers, we worked with the Exertis marketing team to develop a new Augmented Reality B2B sales channel, powered by Reydar.

By downloading the free Reydar app, Exertis customers can shop for a range of products and bring products to life using AR. From interactive 3D products placed in the real world to shoppable virtual retail environments, AR provides a unique and engaging way to discover new products.

Interactive 3D products and virtual retail environments

Using traditional print advertising as a trigger, Exertis customers can now scan marketing collateral to bring virtual 3D products from brands including Samsung and Dell into the real world.

Whether it’s exploring the unique features and benefits of the latest Dell Precision laptop, or configuring Samsung’s Large Format Display in a virtual retail environment, Exertis now have a powerful AR sales channel built on Reydar that is unrivalled in their industry.

The Modern Office B2B web AR solution

As well as AR experiences deployed through mobiles and tablets, Reydar technology has also enabled Exertis to create a web AR solution that provides them with a unique platform to sell to the manufacturers.

The modern virtual office is a scalable 3D virtual shopping experience that replicates the familiar office environment. Exertis can add new products into the shoppable environment, and add features and benefits through Reydar’s unique virtual hotspot feature.

With brands including Dell, Samsung, Lenovo, Asus, and AOC already on-board, the modern virtual office is helping Exertis to clearly differentiate itself from the competition.

Greater engagement = increased sales

By using Reydar as a scalable virtual product platform, we are helping Exertis to “make extraordinary happen”, unlocking the potential of AR to create virtual events, digital publishing solutions, and augmented catalogues, and finding new and innovative ways to engage with a B2B audience.