SAP Augmented Reality Direct Mail


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Fuelling creative innovation with AR

As a global brand that’s committed to fuelling innovation for its customers, SAP is constantly striving to transform business and deliver superior customer experiences.

With this vision in mind, SAP’s in-house creative resource, Studio SAP, partnered with our AR experts to explore how augmented reality could be used across the business.

Bringing direct mail to life with AR

Following a creative Discovery session, we collaborated with SAP to develop a concept which brought their physical direct mail campaign to life using AR.

Using the advanced tracking capability of our award-winning AR platform, Reydar, we were able to bring a custom-designed SAP mug to life with an interactive AR experience that highlights the range of creative services offered by the SAP creative team.

Super-quick AR campaign deployment

As well as tapping into the rich functionality of Reydar, by using the AR platform we were able to conceive, build and deploy the campaign in super-quick time.

The resulting AR campaign has achieved an impressive 81.48% uptake, with a strong average dwell time of over 1 minute, smashing traditional digital dwell metrics, and providing SAP with an amazing AR showcase to promote across the business.

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