AR Product Demos & Visualisation

The ultimate sales tool for your products

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Try before you buy for the digital age

Showcasing your products (and services) in the best possible way is key to the success of any business. For some companies, this can be a real barrier – products are too big to take to presentations, too complex to explain easily or just have too many options to choose from.

3D product visualisation with Augmented Reality provides the solution. From being able to place your customer’s personally specced up new car on their drive, through to showcasing the inner workings and air flow of your latest new air purifier, AR product visualisation is the ultimate sales tool.

It’s try before you buy for the digital age – an instantaneous way for your customers to understand the features and benefits of your product in a unique and interactive way.

AR catalogue app 2VADO Augmented Reality Product Visualiser App

LCST new product range visualiser for Lacoste

AR product visualiser for Delphi Automotive

Augment your products for increased sales

From creating and optimising your 3D products ready to be augmented, to developing a customer-focussed app and, of course, the unique AR experience, we have the capacity to bring your products to life for the new reality.

No matter what you sell, if your customers can see your products in full high-resolution 3D glory, you can guarantee great brand engagement – and increased sales will follow.

Features & Benefits:

  • Concept development and AR experience visualisation
  • Technical recommendations and specification
  • UX and UI development (app and AR product visualisation)
  • 3D modeling and optimisation for use in AR product visualisation
  • AR development and implementation
  • Testing – technical and UX
  • Deployment to App Store, Google Play or to designated devices
  • Analytics integration and evaluation
  • Post-launch support and consultancy