What is Augmented Reality?

Put simply, Augmented Reality is the term used to describe an enhanced view of real life by overlaying computer-generated content. Augmented Reality dissolves the distinctions between the off line and online worlds, opening up new opportunities for brands to connect with their audience in the real world.

Enhanced interactive & 3D content

Combine a range of interactive features and rich 3D content to connect with your audience in new ways using AR.

Connecting the real and digital worlds

Unlock the potential of real world products, publications and environments by augmenting them with digital content to create new ways to engage.

Measurable, flexible & commercial

Analyse every interaction & evolve your content & campaign strategy to increase engagement and build brand value.

Augmented Reality statistics

Engine Creative invented the worlds first fully augmented magazine with TopGear Magazine and the TG Mag Extra app, we launched the UK’s first fully augmented UK album cover and have a number of award winning AR campaigns under our belt including our mobile strategy development with the heat brand:

The proof is in the pudding

Engine Creative has the capacity and expertise to deliver a range of creative and technical requirements needed for Augmented Reality success. We have technical expertise from Aurasma to Zappar and are a platform agnostic AR agency with over 30 AR campaigns launched to date.

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Engine-Creative_Augmented-Reality_TG-Mag Engine-Creative_Augmented-Reality_heat Engine-Creative_Augmented-Reality_LCST Engine-Creative_Augmented-Reality_Pizza-Hut Engine-Creative_Augmented-Reality_Pizza-Tesco Engine-Creative_Augmented-Reality_UN+ Engine-Creative_Augmented-Reality_Harrods Engine-Creative_Augmented-Reality_Engine

Ready to augment your reality?

If you have any Augmented Reality requirements then please contact Matt Key on 01604 453 602 or fill in our Contact Us form.

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