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Like any technology, the world of Augmented Reality (AR) is incredibly fast-moving; whether you are looking to bring your print to life or visualise your 3D products in the real world, AR has the unique capacity to turn your physical brand assets into engaging digital brand experiences.

As bona fide AR experts (with 9+ years experience, 27 AR awards and a number of AR world firsts to our name), we’re on hand to provide brand and product owners with the strategy and direction they need to unlock the unique opportunities of this game-changing technology.

AR is a gateway to a new reality of brand engagement, and the opportunities are as vast as your imagination.

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The world’s first augmented magazine for Top Gear

Augmented reality publishing strategy for Tesco

Guidance from brand-friendly AR experts

The purpose of our AR strategy consultation is to determine exactly how Augmented Reality will work best for your business. By looking at your brand proposition and existing strategic goals we will help you to build a viable strategy that makes the most of the technology.

Our support can last for as long as you need. There’s no obligation to use our services for any strategy that you want to put in place – our AR consultancy exists solely to bring you up-to-speed with Augmented Reality technology and put you on the front foot as your customers move to an augmented space where their digital and physical worlds converge.

Features & Benefits:

  • Introduction to the benefits of Augmented Reality for your business
  • Workshop sessions and live AR demos
  • Explore specific AR use cases for your brand or product
  • Help you understand technology feasibility and the most efficient route to market
  • Propose technical solutions and specification
  • Develop minimum viable product (MVP) and launch roadmap