Augmented Reality Advertising

Turbo-charge your traditional advertising

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Enhanced augmented advertising for connected consumers

AR gives traditional advertising a long overdue turbo-charged boost!

By utilising a range of trigger types (magazines, publications, OOH, products, packaging, merchandise, POS) your advertising collateral can be transformed from a passive physical object into an engaging digital experience.

It’s a unique gateway from your physical brand presence to your mobile-first, always connected customers.

If you’re looking for new ways to boost brand engagement, or add data to your traditional advertising campaigns, AR advertising from Engine Creative is your solution.

Bringing the heat magazine to life!

AR menu experience for Pizza Hut

Advertising that’s made to be measured

If directly engaging with your target audience on their favourite device isn’t enough, there are other benefits as well. AR advertising offers a new level of campaign data. These metrics will give you a greater insight into the success of your advertising campaign, enabling you to find out where, when and for how long your audience is engaging with your brand.

Then there’s what you can do with your audience once they’re engaged. If you’re advertising a product or service, you can direct your customer straight to the point of sale, both proving and maximising your ROI.

Features & Benefits:

  • Reydar campaigns or bespoke AR advertising solutions
  • Concept development and AR advertising visualisation
  • UX and UI development
  • AR advertising development and implementation
  • Testing – technical and UX
  • AR campaign broadcast
  • Analytics integration and evaluation
  • Post-launch support and consultancy