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Introducing the UK’s leading AR agency

Augmented Reality enhances the real world with digital content. We’ve been pushing the possibilities of AR since 2011 (before it was cool, in other words), and early adoption has given us insight that no other UK creative AR agency can provide. We’ve used this unrivalled AR agency expertise to create groundbreaking, pioneering augmented reality services and content experiences for the biggest brands in the world.

AR Marketing Services from the UK’s Best Designers & Developers

Innovating and investing in AR early has given us some impressive accolades, as we created both the world’s first augmented magazine and the UK’s first augmented reality album cover. Through our innovative AR designers & developers, we’ve won multiple awards over the years and put our money where our mouth is with the development of REYDAR, our very own AR browser and platform.

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An Augmented Reality Agency That You Can Trust

Engine Creative and REYDAR AR agency understand that trust is the core pillar in any relationship, that’s why we make it our top priority to deliver only the richest and most engaging augmented reality experiences, every time. We have the knowledge, and experience to bring your AR ideas to life and our commitment to deliver is built on transparency, communication and putting our clients first.

Our Augmented Reality Services for Brands

We’ve built AR experiences for brands across multiple industries from Top Gear’s first Augmented Reality magazine to Argos’ first augmented reality shopping app. But we don’t just build AR apps and solutions without context – We get to know your strategy, how you intend to promote your brand through AR advertising and how it will really engage your audience.

AR Marketing Strategy & Implementation

Not sure where to start with Augmented Reality? Talk to the expert AR agency first. We will answer your questions and show you how AR can unlock opportunities for your brand. An Engine Creative consultation will help your brand to make the most of the new reality.

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AR Apps & Experiences

The beauty of Augmented Reality is that it can happen anytime, anywhere. An AR app allows you to interact with the real world in entirely new ways – which means that your next immersive brand experience could be right around the corner.

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Augmented Reality Advertising

Take your  marketing & advertising beyond reality with an enhanced Augmented Reality experience. AR allows you to link your audience directly from your advert to your point of sale. It’s your route to connect with your audience wherever they are.

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3D Product Demos & Visualisation

Product visualisation is try before you buy for the digital age – a way to put your goods (virtually) into your customer’s hands. We will deliver a high-quality product visualisation app that showcases your products in an innovative, immersive and interactive way.

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Augmented Reality Events

Augmented Reality can bring anything to life, from your product to your exhibition stand, and keep your audience totally engaged. If you want to transform the way that people experience your products and services then an AR event is the solution for you.

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Reydar - AR brand strategy

Check out REYDAR – Our Augmented Reality Service Platform

REYDAR is our Augmented Reality Platform that pings products to life. It’s our no-limits off-the-shelf AR solution that lets brands, retailers, businesses and publishers embrace the full potential of AR.

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“Thanks to the Engine Creative team for their great creativity and teamwork. It is a real pleasure working with them and their digital expertise has been key to the successful launch of the unique and unprecedented BIC Kids DrawyBook app.”

BiC’s European Digital Marketing Manager, Nathalie Hoffherr