Discovery & Strategy

Brand transformation through collaboration

Brand strategy development

Are you maximising the full potential of your brand? We take a unique approach to developing a strategy that can transform your business outcomes. By focusing on the way that your audience interacts with you, we deliver creative digital solutions that deliver the most valuable brand engagement.

We’ve developed creative strategies for countless brands over the last twenty years, and have the capability to deliver targeted solutions based on unique brand insights and digital innovation.

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“Thanks to the Engine Creative team for their great creativity and teamwork. It is a real pleasure working with them and their digital expertise has been key to the successful launch of the unique and unprecedented BIC Kids DrawyBook app.”

BiC’s European Digital Marketing Manager, Nathalie Hoffherr

Our Discovery & Strategy Specialities

Discovery Workshop

Not sure where to start? A Discovery Workshop may be what you need. Our team will join you for a structured meeting that shows you how to optimise your business for future growth. Our consultation cuts to the core of your brand and gives you a roadmap for success.

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Brand Consultancy

Your brand positioning has a fundamental impact on your ability to reach your business goals. Whether you’re starting a brand-new enterprise or looking to refresh an established name, you’ve got everything to gain from talking to our experienced creative team.

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Digital Product Consultancy

Understanding what to build to best connect with an increasingly digital end user is key to the success of your brand. We aim to design, develop and deploy digital products that achieve business growth, which makes us ideally placed to understand your needs and create a roadmap for success.

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Consumer Insights

Our customer insights go beyond a simple profile of who has been engaging with your brand. We’ll take an objective view on user experience and give you clear suggestions on how to communicate with your customers in the most effective way possible.

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