Electrical Direct Always Switched On Brand Campaign

As one of the UK’s fastest-growing electrical suppliers, Electrical Direct combines exceptional customer service with swift delivery and is set to become a go-to name in the trade.

Engine Creative partnered with Electrical Direct to launch their inaugural brand campaign, focusing on a unique personality and a strong voice tailored to their audience.

Electrical Direct

– Concept Development
– Content Creation (2D, Animation)
– Campaign Activation

– Building Materials

– The ‘Always Switched On’ brand awareness campaign ran for six months across 12 channels, amassing over 84 million impressions – nearly four times the anticipated reach.

– Surpassed target with 84M impressions (3.8x goal of 22M)
– Radio record: 2,173 contest entries
55,847 social media engagements

Electrical Direct sought to enhance brand exposure, leverage channels targeting their audience, and achieve the following objectives:

  • Promote Electrical Direct’s scale and capability to compete with the market leaders.
  • Inject personality and a human element to help engage and connect with the audience.
  • Consider key competitors but continue to be driven to make the Electrical Direct proposition unique in the market.
  • Improve brand awareness and become recognised and trusted within the trade.

A versatile campaign toolkit was needed for both traditional and non-traditional channels, whilst maintaining consistent messaging, tone, and visual identity to appeal to their target audience.

Working closely with the Electrical Direct team, we guided the campaign from the Discovery phase to asset creation and campaign launch. We started by running Discovery workshops to define the business objectives, understand products and customers, and explore how we could start to create engaging and effective campaign activity.

The resulting campaign combines sharp, smart, and witty headlines based on Electrical Direct’s USPs with high-impact visuals using the wide range of electrical products available online.

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