ICAEW CPD Campaign

As a professional organisation for chartered accountants, ICAEW boasts an extensive global reach and is dedicated to fostering positive change. With the support of more than 200,000 members and students worldwide, their mission is focused on building sustainable economies to further accomplish their objectives.

Engine Creative partnered with ICAEW to create a campaign geared towards the exciting changes to their continued professional development (CPD) programmes. The campaign aimed to promote new changes and encourage members to jump-start their CPD for a more engaging and beneficial learning journey.


– Concept Development
– Content Creation (2D, 3D, Animation)
– Campaign Activation

– Accounting

– Successful campaign rollout

Amid growing attention towards the accountancy field and rising regulatory expectations, ICAEW recognised the need to update its CPD guidelines. These changes aim to offer clearer guidance on the amount of CPD members should engage while ensuring they maintain current and relevant professional, technical, and business skills.

The campaign aimed to:

  • Ensure all ICAEW members are informed about and understand the updated CPD policy.
  • Provide tools and resources necessary for members to navigate changes specific to their individual transition.
  • Develop a uniform visual identity for the campaign across all platforms.
  • Showcase the commitment of ICAEW to support the best interests and continuous development of members throughout their professional journey.

Our mission was to come up with a visual identity that showcased the changes in a clear, friendly, and polished way. We wanted to make sure every member could easily understand and appreciate the updates.

In order to communicate a message that enhanced awareness and encouraged CPD, we adopted the “Always Improving” mantra as our guiding principle.

We used a light circular design to create doorways and windows that would inspire members to delve into the world of CPD beyond what they’re currently doing. The circle represented the endless journey of professional self-improvement, underscoring the whole “learning never stops” idea.

We peppered our design with people-focused imagery, knowing that nothing stops a scroll quite like a human face. Our goal was to evoke a sense of connection with the audience because CPD is going to affect every single ICAEW member. So, we wanted to make sure it was as relatable as possible.

The refreshed CPD campaign has been successfully rolled out across all major platforms, including the website and social media. As the updated CPD regulations are set to kick off in November 2023, we at Engine Creative are eager to continue our collaboration with ICAEW on this campaign and beyond.

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