Student Recruitment Campaigns

University of Northampton

University of Northampton

Engine Creative has been a long-term creative partner with the University of Northampton (UON), developing compelling student recruitment campaigns as the university works towards becoming a more desirable and attractive place for students to engage with higher education.

Our collaborative approach, expert knowledge, and wealth of creative experience partnered with UON’s goals led to successful recruitment efforts that have helped the university higher its mission as an engine of opportunity for students seeking high-quality education.


The #ListItLiveIt campaign came to life across external media channels and internal displays like media walls, spurring audiences to “do something today your future self will thank you for.” All activity drove viewers to a bespoke site to explore UON’s courses.

The recruitment campaign also used social media to inspire prospective students, current students and those connected with the university to share their bucket list aspirations across social channels and place real-life experiences at the heart of the communications.

With Engine’s help, UON rebranded itself as a facilitator of positive change and cemented its reputation as a leading light in local revival.

Transformed. Inspired.

A bold national TV ad spearheaded the “Transformed. Inspired.” campaign, heralding the University of Northampton’s transformation into a top-tier higher ed institution ready to deliver for diverse audiences. From raising brand awareness to speaking to specific schools and markets, “Transformed. Inspired.” united communications across the board.

The messaging captured the UON’s evolution into a premium destination for inspired students seeking solutions and limitless possibilities for their future. With a unified and empowering campaign, UON cemented its new era as a transformative force in higher education.

Employability & Success

For this campaign, UON brought its alumni stories to life in an inspiring recruitment campaign showcasing the university as a springboard for career success. Bold print and digital out-of-home ads spotlighted graduates who launched thriving careers after their time at UON, tracing their journeys from inspired students to accomplished professionals.

The campaign made tangible connections between a UON education and achieving one’s dreams. It spoke to prospective students’ aspirations, showing how UON can equip them with the tools and mindset to join the ranks of its accomplished alumni. With vibrant storytelling, we demonstrated its power to transform students’ trajectories and open doors to their desired futures.

“Engine Creative is an incredibly talented and creative agency that we have always been able to rely on to produce high-quality advertising across multiple platforms. Indeed, I think it is fair to say that Engine is our go-to agency for high-quality and technically challenging campaigns” – Michael Williams – Assistant Director Marketing and Market Research

Mission Videos

The University of Northampton underwent an incredible evolution before emerging as England’s #1 university for employability. To share this success story with prospective students, we created an animated mission video condensing UON’s proudest achievements into a succinct, insightful overview.

By vividly showcasing the UON’s remarkable progress, the video aimed to inspire viewers to attend an open day and experience the vibrant campus community firsthand. The mission video provided the perfect medium to introduce prospective students to today’s UON and get them excited to be a part of its continuing ascent.

Brand engagement


Celebrities, politicians and academics including Boris Johnson and Wayne Hemingway join in the #ListItLiveIt campaign

Top 50

The University of Northampton jumps into the Top 50 Guardian league tables


above UK average CTR on online banners