Winvic Branded Content Creation


Market-leading content creation for the construction industry

Winvic is a growing business developing its position in the construction sector beyond being acknowledged as the UK’s leading ‘shed specialist’, and into privately rented sector projects, specialist sustainable builds and retail and leisure schemes.

Building credibility quickly and being able to showcase the breadth and scale of projects delivered effectively has been key to Winvic’s success in these new markets. We have been working closely with them to deliver strong branded content that supports these business goals, and helps to establish their new and developing brand.

Showcasing success

Case studies are incredibly valuable to Winvic as they help to summarise large scale projects and showcase their capabilities in an easy to digest way. The case study videos we created combine existing drone footage and on-site photography with messaging and infographics, which highlight the challenges faced and the solutions delivered by Winvic throughout the build.

As well as Winvic’s market-leading work on the development of Rushden Lakes retail park, videos have been created for key sectors that the business is expanding into. These help to illustrate Winvic’s vast portfolio and put a spotlight on their proficiency in developing markets, helping to establish their reputation and credibility as they expand in line with their business goals.

Celebrating The Winvic Way

As well as celebrating the projects delivered, Winvic wanted to shine a light on the key to their ongoing success and let people in to the inner workings of their industry leading brand.

Competitors may pack their online video content with cranes, groundworks and timelapses of construction, but  Winvic decided to move in a slightly different direction. We worked with them to create ’We are Winvic’, an aspirational film that showcases real Winvic employees. This project sets Winvic apart by using the very asset that makes the company unique – the people.

The development of quality video has marked a quiet transformation of not just branded content, but the Winvic brand itself as it evolves, embracing the challenges and opportunities that growth presents.

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