Castlemore Homes New Brand & Website Development

Through strategic brand development and website design, Engine Creative has helped Castlemore Homes become a trusted name in the competitive house-building market.

Our tailored Brand Transformation service has fueled their growth and paved the way for selling new house builds off spec to UK buyers.

Castlemore Homes

– Brand Visual Identity and Logo Design
– Brand Guidelines and Toolkit
– Brand Activation
– Website Design and Development
– Support and Hosting


– Construction

– Co-ordinated brand activation and website launch
– Brand trust and recognition in a competitive market
– Website lead generation from launch
– Brand consistency across all channels

As a startup in the construction industry, Castlemore Homes faced the challenge of establishing a new brand presence and visual identity in a competitive market. With ambitious goals of becoming thought leaders in smart home technology and the biggest house builder in the country within 10 years, they needed a strategy that aligned with their values and differentiated them from competitors.

The key challenge was to create a strong foundation for Castlemore Homes to enter a competitive market with a clear and distinct narrative to show how building better lives for everyone can lead to a sustainable, happier future.

Following a series of business and market-focused Discovery workshops with Castlemore Homes, we developed a strong brand proposition and a cohesive visual language that reflects their core values and vision. By meticulously crafting a visual narrative that champions smart technology and great design, we’ve created a brand that radiates warmth, friendliness, sustainability, and a forward-thinking attitude.

A comprehensive and flexible brand system was designed to allow for seamless adaptation across various channels and touchpoints, ensuring consistency and a strong brand presence.

A successful co-ordinated brand and website launch resulted in new leads in the first week and the website continues to attract new customers helping to propel the growth of the business.

Multi-channel brand activation using the brand toolkit has ensured consistency across Castlemore Homes’ marketing and communications. Together, these achievements have helped Castlemore Homes to build trust in its brand and to thrive and grow its market share year-on-year.

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