In-Store Screensaver



Create a new way for customers to engage with and purchase computers in store

We designed and developed an intelligent screensaver that reduces the need for intensive staff training and presents the product offering in a clear, cohesive and creative way. The screensaver interrogates the individual PC to check the installed hardware, RAM, hard drive and processor speed and, based on the outcome, displays the specifications as well as information relevant to that particular machine. Left inactive, the PCs show a high impact rolling animation aimed at educating and engaging the target audience to interact with the machine. As soon as users click into the application, stylised 3D character animation is used to illustrate various technological terminology in a simple and accessible way.

Hundreds of stores across the UK + thousands of shop floor staff + an expanding product range = an unmanageable training issue. Rather than trying to get staff to learn about every single product it made sense to get the PCs and laptops to sell themselves.

Brand engagement


Available to customers in over 200 stores around the UK


Reduces the need for intensive staff training


Brings complex technical information alive and empowers Tesco customers to make more informed buying decisions