ICAEW Student Onboarding Experience

ICAEW, a global professional body for chartered accountants with over 200,000 members and students worldwide, is committed to driving positive change and creating sustainable economies.

As a trusted creative partner, Engine Creative worked closely with ICAEW to transform their student onboarding experience into a more seamless, cohesive, and supportive process.


– Discovery Workshops
– Concept Development
– Content Creation (2D, 3D, Animation)
– Campaign Toolkit
– Campaign Activation

– Accounting

– Comprehensive audit of the onboarding experience
– Refreshed and refined student onboarding journey
– Detailed onboarding toolkit to support activation
– Students converted into lifelong ICAEW members

An overwhelming onboarding process can be a significant obstacle for students, whereas a unified and welcoming onboarding programme across all touchpoints sets them up for success.

Following several Discovery sessions with different stakeholders including prospective and existing students, we identified key insights and objectives for ICAEW:

  • Increase the engagement of students in the onboarding process and provide a memorable, supportive, and inspiring experience
  • Build a sense of community for those new to ICAEW
  • Establish a consistent visual identity across all touchpoints
  • Present ICAEW as an approachable, supportive, world-class institution

Our challenge was to create an onboarding toolkit that transformed the student onboarding experience into a supportive and engaging process for all students.

To deliver a consistent message, visuals, tone, and identity, we focused on connecting the disconnected. By spotlighting real, diverse accountants and their stories, we showcased authenticity and made a direct connection for students to engage with.

We also kept things simple by crafting short, impactful messaging for use across the onboarding touchpoints aimed to motivate students and instil a sense of belonging and confidence.

The visual direction also focuses on the student through a blend of oversized typography with the student at the centre, all whilst staying on-brand and developing the ICAEW identity.

The rollout of the new onboarding experience since the development of the toolkit has been successfully implemented across all key touchpoints, from the website, email, and social media platforms, to supporting video and student roadmaps.

From complex and fragmented to modern and supportive, the new student onboarding experience has brought a refreshing, welcoming feel to the student journey, helping to turn students into lifelong ICAEW members.

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