Clubland Brand Development

Universal Music Group


Take a compilation album in a saturated market and transform it into a lifestyle brand of choice for a generation

From the process of creating the iconic Clubland logo through to producing all album artwork and devising unique marketing strategies to increase sales and consumer loyalty, Engine Creative has been a true brand guardian. We created and developed the Clubland Hardcore and Clubland Classix sub-brands, helped with the launch of Clubland TV by producing all launch idents and graphics and created all marketing collateral for the Clubland Live tours. Digital marketing activity for the Clubland brand has included everything from website design and development to viral marketing activity and various online competitions. Oh, and we’ve also produced numerous TV commercials for the Clubland releases.

The youth target audience is notoriously fickle and so creating a consistent visual language that they can buy into and identify with is key. Combine this with unique marketing strategies and you can begin to generate relevant brand touch points.

Brand engagement

6 million

Over 6 million units sold of Clubland and Clubland spin off releases


Clubland TV had 5 times the viewing figures of MTV Dance just a month after launch


National PR opportunities in The Sun and Zoo as a result of viral activity and competitions