WTF Music Channel Branding

From concept development through to 3D modeling, animation, and post-production, the Engine Creative team has worked with All Around The World to create and launch the new WTF music channel.

Launched on 23rd November on Sky channel 385 with Clubland TV as its sister channel already established, WTF is the latest 24/7 British music channel to hit the satellite airwaves courtesy of All Around the World.

But what does WTF stand for?

It’s fair to say everyone has their own ideas, but the true answer is that it can be whatever you want it to be! There are no restrictions as to where your imagination can take you.

This is the open answer we gave ourselves when creating the brand identity and exactly what we wanted to achieve.

Music Channel Branding

We wanted to produce a fun and quirky logo that would be able to have a variety of looks applied to it but still keep its shape. By giving the brand a personality through the use of the logo (without giving it prominent features) Engine Creative were able to make WTF the focal point across all channel idents.

Creative Director, Phil Christer, gave his own interpretation:

“We wanted to make sure with the short channel idents that there was always a strong focus on the logo which has to be key when launching a new brand. We didn’t want to dilute it with excessive graphics and huge set pieces and the concept all gelled together with what we wanted to achieve for the launch of the station.”

‘Underwater Cheese Holes’ and ‘Festive Ice Smash’ were the first idents to be produced in what will be a string of idents all focusing on the WTF wording.

Get creative and tell us what you think WTF stands for; creative please – no explicit content!

‘Changing Room Dancing Wrestler’ is the latest addition to the WTF station branding. Following the theme of the previous stings and the idea that anything goes in terms of content, our funky wrestler cuts some pretty memorable moves.

Changing Room + Flashing Lights + Fantastic Moves + Speedy Tune x Wrestler = A Channel Sting that makes you laugh, makes you cringe and makes you watch it again and again.

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