Using effective website design to drive brand engagement

How does an independent school operating in an increasingly competitive market stand out online?

By combining brand and market insights with effective website design and development, the new Portsmouth Grammar School website now stands head and shoulders above regional and national competition.

Driven by market insights

Having worked with Portsmouth Grammar School (PGS) since developing their brand and online presence back in 2012, we have gained a strong understanding of their specific brand challenges. Our extensive work in the education sector with the University of Northampton and University of Warwick has given us a wider context of an increasingly competitive sector and the knowledge that many educational institutions are still not utilising digital channels effectively.

This insight presents opportunities for organisations such as PGS that have already committed significant resource to building their brand across various digital channels. Through ongoing review of their site analytics and competitive research we identified the need to streamline the user journey and focus on developing more immediate impact through stronger imagery and messaging. Portsmouth Grammar School Effective Website Design

Effective website design to inspire and engage

Following a comprehensive design process involving rapid prototyping, the Engine Creative team developed an effective website design solution which celebrates the impressive school environment and places the student experience front and centre of the PGS brand.

Using large scale, vibrant imagery on the website was a key design decision to emphasise this and get the warm and inviting ethos of the school across. Drone footage showcases the quality of the grounds and the stunning South Coast location just a short walk from The Solent.

This bold and confident approach supports the #NoOrdinarySchool campaign message perfectly and helps the school to build on its impressive reputation as a forward-thinking independent school with long and rich heritage.

Portsmouth Grammar School Effective Website Design

Built to last

The update to the website was also a chance to exploit new technology – a key aspect of any effective website design.

We were able to integrate a wealth of rich content without compromising accessibility and the responsive design and modular approach means that the PGS site will feel clean, modern and fresh for years to come, ensuring they stay ahead of the competition in every way.

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