Updated Tesco Discover app delivers enhanced mobile shopping experience

Tesco has updated its Tesco Discover app bringing a range of new features to its customers that will change the way they use their mobile devices for shopping at the UK’s biggest retailer.  The update for iOS and Android includes enhanced Augmented Reality features that will enable shoppers to access a wealth of rich content in-store and through printed publications such as its newly released Tesco Magazine.  Tesco customers will also be able to access product specific content such as nutritional information through QR codes which will be placed on a range of products in-store.


The Tesco Discover app update is the culmination of a comprehensive consultation period involving Engine Creative and the Mobile Development team at Tesco.  A range of Augmented Reality platforms were audited for their suitability and the Metaio AR platform has been adopted for Tesco’s ambitious mobile strategy because of its comprehensive SDK and flexibility in terms of future development plans.

Managing Director of Engine Creative, Matt Key, comments:

“Tesco understand the importance of mobile to their customers and so our job was to find a way to improve the shopping experience by giving smartphone and tablet owners useful information as seamlessly as possible.  Our integration of AR capability alongside QR code scanning within the same app gives Tesco customers the best of both worlds; AR as an immersive and interactive shopping experience and QR as a quick fact-finding utility in-store.

With the technology in place, we’re now in the process of working closely with Tesco to create a range of augmented content that will further enhance the mobile shopping experience and cement Tesco’s position as market leaders in terms of customer experience.”


The updated Tesco Discover app is out now and available on the App Store and Google Play.