The top 10 infographics of the London 2012 Olympic Games

Here at Engine Creative we’ve joined the world and have been hooked on the efforts of all of the athletes these past two weeks at the London 2012 Olympic Games.  Crowding around the nearest screen for gold medal moments, suitably patriotic music being played and not forgetting some of Team Engine attempting to long jump a new office world record (sadly the headwind was not in their favour on the day).  It has definitely been a games to remember and in a world of information overload, there’s also some great facts and figures to chew on.

With this in mind I got researching London 2012 infographics and present you with my ten favourites below.

1. How Twitter has talked about the 2012 Olympics

2. London 2012 Socialympics 

3. The figures behind London this summer

4. Meet Team GB for London 2012

5. Tom Daley’s impossible dive visualised

6. Socialympics and the Twitter games

7. Who designed what at the London Olympics?

8. The economic impact of the London 2012 Olympics

9. Olympics related global mobile search share

10. London 2012 Olympics Infographic