The Impact of AI on the Creative Industry

In the last year, artificial intelligence (AI) has taken the creative world by storm, igniting a fierce debate about its ever-evolving role in the industry. We’ve dived deep into this cutting-edge tech and conducted our very own ground-breaking research to bring you exclusive insights you won’t find anywhere else. Ready to unlock the secrets of AI in the creative sector? Grab your copy of our game-changing white paper right here!

The study, which surveyed creatives across various roles, ages, and industries, provides unprecedented insights into the attitudes, concerns, and expectations surrounding AI in the creative space. Here are some of our key findings:

  • The creative industry is highly aware of AI’s presence and potential impact.
  • Most creatives believe that AI will improve or streamline their workflow (71.7%) and expect it to impact their roles within the next decade (74.3%).
  • Only a small percentage (6.2%) of respondents strongly agreed that AI threatens their job security.
  • While opinions on AI’s long-term potential are divided, the majority are cautiously optimistic.
  • Nearly two-thirds of professionals recognise AI’s transformative potential and believe that those who do not adopt it will be left behind by competitors.


Our findings unveil a fascinating outlook on AI’s transformative power, as a whopping 62% of professionals fear being left behind if they don’t embrace it. The future of AI may be uncertain, but as one respondent put it, “It’s inevitable, and everyone should start thinking about it.”

Despite this, there’s still a hint of scepticism in the air. A considerable 48.7% of creatives doubt that AI-generated content will ever surpass the quality of human creations.

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