Playing with Lego using Volume Effectors in Cinema 4D

Our 3D specialists make it their business to constantly develop their skills, ensuring that we use our 3D, CGI, and animation expertise to create engaging content for our clients.

This R&D test render of a Lego animation was created in Cinema 4D using the Mograph volume effector. It’s a powerful tool within Cinema 4D that allows you to more accurately control where you want your clones to appear (amongst other things). This effector defines its range of influence based on spatial polygonal objects. All clones that lie within the volume of a given object will be influenced by this effector.

For this example I have built a single Lego block (above) and, using the Mograph cloner object in grid array mode (3 deep, 12 high and 63 wide), built a Lego wall just large enough to encompass the volume object. In this case, the extruded Engine Creative logo (below) converted to a polygonal object.

I then animated the Engine Creative logo rising up from the floor within the volume space of the Mograph cloned Lego wall.

As long as the visibility checkbox is ticked in the parameter tab of the volume effector, Mograph will only display clones where the volume of the logo is. All other clones will not be visible.

One thing to remember is to make sure the volume used is a closed volume otherwise unexpected or unwanted results may occur.

I also added some other random Lego blocks created and placed using MoDynamics and dropping them onto the floor object plus a little depth of field for good measure. If you want to see more of what we can do check out the integrated agency page.