Mobile-controlled droids and igniting digital innovation

The lines are closed, all the votes have been counted and verified and yes, we have a winner!

No, not X Factor but something much more exciting. We have a winner for our mobile-controlled Christmas giveaway competition and his name is… Mike Williams.

Mike has chosen the BB-8 app-enabled droid as his tech-gift of choice for his prize and he is no doubt eagerly awaiting it’s arrival. For those of you that also put your virtual hat in the ring for the prize, thanks for getting involved and better luck next time.

Igniting digital innovation

Our year-end Christmas giveaway edition of Ignition was the culmination of 12 months of regular digital innovation delivered straight to your in-box. From smart parking via your smart watch to virtual reality experiences and Google Street View for cats, we’ve kept our eyes and ears firmly focussed on the future to see how we can bring your brands to life using emerging tech.


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