Knowledge round-up: Inspirational logo animations, web accessibility and Comic Sans

At Engine Creative we strongly believe in sharing valuable knowledge amongst the team. As a result of this creative collaboration, the idea of Knowledge Thursday has evolved as an open forum for all things creative, design and digital – here’s our regular round-up.

50 great logo animations to inspire your next brand development project
Following on from our post on the importance of interaction design, this list of fantastic examples of animated logos is further proof that the UX, UI and interaction design of brands is becoming increasingly important in the battle for consumer engagement.

50 great logo animations

If you have a disability, what’s the hardest thing about browsing the web?
Safia Abdalla asked the disabled community on Twitter about the hardest thing about browsing the web. This single tweet inspired many influential publishers to put together a comprehensive list of observations which show us what web accessibility should really be about.

Hate Comic Sans? You don’t know anything about typography!
This controversial post (especially amongst designers) is about one of the most hated font families ever designed – Comic Sans. The post includes some really funny little-known facts and is supported with some annotations from the original designer. It may just make you think twice about Comic Sans and the importance of typography more broadly.

The dangers of feature creep in digital product development
This article on Design Principles walks through applying the KISS rule on the web design process. The post is full of great insights and backed up by multiple examples – well worth a read before you embark upon that next digital product.

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