Ignition #8: 5 Springy digital things that piqued our interest

We usually try and ‘theme up’ our Ignition broadcasts but this edition is simply 5 digital innovations with no discernible link other than it’s Spring time and they’re helping to inspire good vibes here at Engine HQ. Enjoy!



Magic Leap create must-see, ultra-real robot blasting game
We’ve mentioned the potential game-changer that is Magic Leap before and they’ve now followed up all of the hype by teaming up with the studio behind The Hobbit to create a game they claim is going to ‘bring magic back into the world’.



Periscope is set to redefine the world of live broadcasting
Imagine having access to watch and the ability to create and broadcast live streaming video of every news story (from the massive to the mundane) on your smartphone. That’s pretty much Twitter’s Pericope app in a sentence and the potential is truly mind-boggling.



Office shoes embed AR experiences into year long media campaign
Informed by ‘The Millennial Chapter’ research looking into how brands can best connect with millennials, Office has partnered up with Grazia and is using augmented reality to enhance the connection between print and digital as part of their content driven strategy.


Amazon Dash button is the future of IoT-fuelled shopping and not an April Fool
Launched on the 31st of March we all assumed that the stick-on Wi-Fi Dash button was a hoax. It’s not. It’s a key part of Amazon’s Internet of Things (IoT) strategy to build smarter connections between brands and consumers.



Request anything* via SMS and get it delivered to your door using FetchMe
Hot on the heels of US start-up Magic comes our very own UK version of a service with a simple purpose: ‘Get anything you want. Just SMS 07592 411 498’. Simple. Brilliant.
*Only legal requests accepted.