Ignition #7: Why is everyone talking about virtual reality again?

As with all emerging consumer technology, virtual reality is developing rapidly with creativity (plus the backing of Facebook, Google et al) at the heart of its mainstream adoption. From immersive gaming to VR news casting, virtual reality is finally coming of age for a new connected generation.


Mattel’s classic View-Master gets a very modern reboot
Mattel has teamed up with Google to launch an updated virtual reality View-Master experience for a digital generation. Using a compatible Android smartphone, users can enjoy an immersive 360° interactive learning environment.
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Test drive the Volvo XC90 using virtual reality (and a bit of cardboard)
Get the Volvo Reality app, a Google Cardboard Headset and a bit of imagination and you can ‘immerse yourself in a breathtaking mountain drive in the all-new XC90.’
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Virtual reality newscasts and empathy journalism
What if, instead of watching a live news broadcast, you could experience it first hand? Innovative journalists and directors from around the world are collaborating to enable us to see the world through their journalistic eyes using VR.
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Merrell uses virtual reality to get back to its outdoor roots in brand refresh
The outdoor-apparel brand ran a ‘walk around’ Oculus Rift experience that allows users to virtually walk through a mountainous region. This is the first of many virtual reality activations planned by Merrell aimed at encouraging people to explore the outdoors.
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Life imitates art with this virtual reality ad blocker
Inspired by Channel 4’s Black Mirror in which futuristic tech is used to censor people from other people’s lives, this student project blurs out brands and adverts in real time to give you a real world AdBlock experience.
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