Ignition #6: Are you smart enough for 2015?

The range of consumer smart devices is picking up pace nicely and 2015 will see your brand have even more opportunities to build meaningful digital connections on smart devices. We’ve picked out a few of our favourite examples to whet your appetite for a smarter 2015.


Smart parking via your smart watch from BMW
If you’re so busy (or late) that you don’t have time to find a parking space then BMW has the answer; use an app to find, park and then retrieve your BMW whilst you get on with other stuff.
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A new suitcase for a new connected generation
With the Bluesmart suitcase and companion app you can lock and unlock it, weigh it, track its location, be notified if you are leaving it behind and charge your phone (6 times over!) with a built-in battery.
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Data-driven smart watering from Blossom
Using local real-time weather data, Blossom claims to be able to reduce your water bills by 30% through ‘smarter sprinkling’.
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French crafted. Swiss made. Smart watch.
A great looking smart watch with health monitoring features that looks like and functions like a ‘proper’ watch and doesn’t need charging. If that’s your thing then the Withings Activité is probably your thing.
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Nest can now pretty much control your entire home
Google-owned Nest started off as an energy saving smart thermostat and has just announced a Google-style take over (sorry, integration) with a range of new smart devices for your home. Seriously smart.
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