Ignition #5: Someone just turned on the digital Christmas switch

In this, our final edition of Ignition for 2014, we take a look at digital innovations that are reshaping our festive season. We’ve included reindeers, cute kids and cool toys. We couldn’t help ourselves. A very merry digital Christmas to you from all the team here at Engine Creative.


Dear Santa, this Christmas I would like a hoverboard
The Back To The Future inspired toy could be the ultimate Christmas present of 2014 as US company Hendo release the hover tech into the wild for just $10k.
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Disney Frozen digital campaign produces the cutest Christmas grin… ever!
This campaign delivers a new digital twist on the traditional sticker book collection with Augmented Reality magic. The promo video managed a third of a million views on Facebook in the first 2 days!
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Eat, drink and get a hangover rating with the Next Glass app
The Next Glass app guarantees you’ll enjoy your festive tipple by getting personalised ratings on beer and wine scientifically tailored to your tastes. Just scan the label with your mobile and away you go.
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Christmas digital magic delivered straight to your front door
This Thorntons Facebook app combines Google Maps data with bespoke animations to dynamically create a unique personalised video message for family and loved ones this Christmas as The Snowman™ and The Snowdog fly over real world locations.
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The Amazon robots behind your last minute online Christmas shopping
Quietly efficient, beautifully synchronised and just a little bit sinister, these little robots scurry around the warehouse floor fulfilling your Christmas orders and looking like extras from Star Wars.
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