Ignition #2: Wearables, Nearables and Hearables

Well, they finally did it – the much talked about Apple Watch is now a reality and finally the world can believe in wearables! This edition of Ignition focusses on our increasingly connected world and how consumer products are being turned into unique digital brand touchpoints.


Apple Watch: Now available on a wrist near you
Has Apple developed a credible wearable product that combines great functionality with great design aesthetic?
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Turn products into connected devices through ‘smart packaging’
‘Smart packaging’ solutions enable brands to deliver engaging and useful digital content directly through their packaging or products.
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Super slim smart sensors for dogs (and other things)
Stick a ‘nearable’ sensor on it and you can measure the temperature, location and motion of everything from your dog to your top selling products.
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Fashion wearables: chic or geek?
Elemoon changes colour to match your outfit, displays personalised notifications and even lets you rub its touch-sensitive surface to set off an alert to locate your phone.
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You heard it right, hearables are here
Hear yourself fit with The Dash; the world’s first wireless smart in-ear headphones include body sensors and performance tracking as well as a Bluetooth headset.
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