Ignition #10: Perfect partnerships that put emerging tech in context

In this edition of Ignition we look at 5 examples of great emerging tech working in perfect harmony with our human needs

It’s no coincidence that this is also the theme of the Technology Expo in London that we attended last week.



Gatorade teams up with MBL to create immersive 360° brand experience

Great creative partnerships between brands and technology can provide unique ways of connecting a brand with their audience and the latest 360° VR video from Gatorade gives you the chance to face a 90mph fastball. Works as an interactive YouTube video or a dizzying Google Cardboard experience.

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Brands + Reality Engine = an AR match made in heaven

Reality Engine is a brand new augmented reality platform that’s been developed to help brands, retailers and publishers create and launch rich AR experiences in lightning-quick time and take AR to the masses. We’re going to be showcasing it at the Technology Expo next week so pop along to see it in action.

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The best of online retail meets the best of bricks and mortar

Rebecca Minkoff’s flagship store in NY has taken the best bits from the online shopping experience and integrated it into their fitting rooms to provide a unique and interactive retail experience. Aside from giving the brand amazing data on their customers, the connected stores have tripled sales.

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uBeam, I beam, we all beam

Who’d have thought that ultrasound technology could be used to transfer electric charge? Founder of uBeam, Meredith Perry did and also found the perfect use by developing a unique wireless, cordless charger which can charge multiple devices at a time over a distance of around 5 metres. Genius! We want one now.

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Google partners with educators to create virtual expeditions

Google has the accessible VR tech and educators all over the world have millions of tech-savvy children with a thirst for knowledge. Put the two together and you get Google Expeditions, an education kit that enables virtual field trips to fantastic locations.

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