Ignition #1: How to engage with the connected shopper

Welcome to your first dose of digital inspiration brought to you by the team at Engine Creative. This first edition of Ignition delves into the world of retail to find out how digital innovations are shaping the way we shop.


Amazon’s Firefly feature scans the world around you and lets you buy it
The technology can scan 100 million objects and takes less than a second to work and is activated via a dedicated button on the new Amazon Fire Phone.
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Lacoste reinvents the digital shopping experience
Lacoste is hoping to make trying on shoes easier and faster with the launch of a unique app that combines 3D product scanning and AR to deliver a unique digital shopping experience.
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Is the ultimate in-store marketing tool getting closer?
How can marketers get in touch with the connected shopper without being annoying or totally creeping you out? Enter the beacon.
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Smart packaging for connected shoppers
Grolsch has introduced tiny Bluetooth beacons into bottle caps to build customer engagement. The initiative uses a Bluetooth transmitter that unlocks a streamed movie when the bottle is opened.
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Google’s augmented 3D maps enhance retail experience
Google’s Project Tango marries mobile to a bricks and mortar retail shopping experience for innovative Walgreen shopping trial.
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