happy heat embraces Reality Engine AR platform

We’ve gone and given the heat extra app an augmented reality (AR) turbo charge and have re-developed the app so it now utilises our own Reality Engine AR platform for all it’s interactive augmented reality loveliness. This update will allow us to create more visually interesting and creative content for the magazine at the same time as being able to add additional location aware features.

One of the first campaigns we’ve created for the new platform is heat’s Interactive Celebrity Happy Cards. During the month of January heat run their ‘heat makes you happy campaign’ that combines their unique blend of celebrity humour and fun with their now famous ‘kittencam’. As part of the campaign, Engine Creative has created a set of interactive ‘happy cards’ with the likes of Kayne West, Posh, Dermot and Keith Lemon to allow users to take a selfie or have their photo taken with them and then socially post it. Can you make Posh smile?

This type of digital activity is a key part of heat’s ongoing strategy to increase their presence across social channels, enabling readers to get involved and be part of the campaign content. heat is the latest brand to utilise the Reality Engine augmented reality and location aware platform; download the heat extra for free on the App Store, and scan the cover below to try it out.