Get a peek into the future using interactive hoardings and augmented reality

With a new housing development in Warrington, the developers decided to let locals see through the hoarding to get a peek into the future using augmented reality

Hive is a new housing development in Warrington that is committed to delivering a unique rental experience for its customers, combining the best use of technology with a truly personal service.

A unique glimpse inside the homes using augmented reality

Whilst the building works are in progress on Hive’s first development in Warrington, potential customers can scan the interactive hoardings surrounding the site to get a unique glimpse inside the homes. All anyone needs is a smartphone and the free Ogle app to scan the hoarding to reveal a preview of the new homes.

This unique communications approach will continue at Hive events across Warrington where augmented reality will enable prospective renters to place themselves in a new Hive home. All augmented reality experiences have social built-in with the key objective of creating a real social media buzz about Hive and their unique take on the rental market.

Attracting a new type of rental audience

With the UK rapidly turning into a nation of renters driven by the inability to afford soaring house prices, it is clear that the innovative, mobile-first approach to marketing taken by Hive will be key to attracting a new type of rental audience to a new type of rental experience.

With augmented reality, Hive has found a unique way to build its brand and create meaningful digital connections.