Festival of Marketing take away – new technology is the great enabler for innovative brands

Rather than being attendees this year, we decided to dive in and be part of the festival experience

So, it’s year 2 of the rebranded and revitalised Festival of Marketing and, rather than being attendees this year, we decided to dive in and be part of the festival experience. Having created the new brand identity for the Festival last year, it’s always great to see our work brilliantly deployed in a great venue.

Festival of Marketing Event brand identity

How to launch successful Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality experiences

Positioned in the heart of Tobacco Docks in the small but well formed Pod 11, we were on hand to help brands demystify the complexities of launching successful Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality experiences.

Since delivering our first (award winning) Augmented Reality experience for TopGear back in 2011, we have been educating brands and their audiences in the benefits of Augmented Reality as a way of connecting mobile, connected audiences with the real world and it was great to share these insights with Festival attendees.

Hello Reydar!

The Festival of Marketing also gave us a chance to share the innovative work we have been doing on our flagship Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and context aware app, Reydar.

Reydar on the App Store - available now

The first version of Reydar is now live on the App Store and on Google Play. Using AR, VR and context aware technology, Reydar unlocks new marketing possibilities for forward thinking brands and initial feedback from the marketers at the Festival was extremely positive; Reydar offers brands a quick and effective route to create and launch rich AR, VR and context aware experiences.

Technology unlocks new opportunities for brands and marketers

The only downside to exhibiting at the Festival of Marketing is that you miss the chance to see the likes of Sir Martin Sorrell and Steve Wozniak speak on the Headline Stage. Sir Martin’s take on VR is particularly interesting as he highlighted that he believes that Virtual Reality is one of the most exciting areas to be working in, not because of the technology but because of the content.

Steve Wozniak - Festival of Marketing

This view is echoed by our belief that technology enables us to create and experience amazing content. Technology unlocks new opportunities for brands and, over the 2 days, we met with some great marketers and brand owners who were genuinely inspired by the AR examples we shared and the opportunities that the technology has for their own brand and products.

What was particularly encouraging was the varied sectors in which the marketers worked in – from Healthcare and Pharma through to Entertainment and Events, there’s an overriding sense that Augmented and Virtual experiences are set to play a pivotal role in bridging the physical and digital divide and enhancing the way audiences engage with brands and products.

It’s certainly an exciting time for brands and marketers and the Festival of Marketing continues to be a great place to get inspired and meet the next generation of innovators.