Augmented reality tourism experience developed for the cultural heritage sector

The National Trust for Scotland protects over 100 treasured locations, preserving and developing them to ensure their beauty for generations to come. Engine Creative has partnered with them to encourage more families to visit Brodie Castle through a unique augmented reality tourism experience designed to inspire children and their families to connect with Scottish heritage in a new and unique way.

Brodie Castle is just one of The National Trust for Scotland’s magnificent locations, but there’s something extra special about it; it is the loving home of Brodie – Scotland’s biggest bunny sculpture – who resides in the castle’s Playful Garden.

Bringing visitor attractions to life with augmented reality

The Playful Garden was created as a unique selling point for the attraction to boost engagement with younger visitors, and so we asked ourselves how we could develop the garden using cutting-edge technology to bring it to life. Our solution was to create an innovative augmented reality experience for families that allows them to bring a 3D animation of Brodie the rabbit to life and take photos alongside him.

For the first time ever visitors will be able to meet and engage with Brodie in real time, posing for pictures with the huge loveable character through an interactive experience hosted by our very own Reydar AR app.

National Trust Scotland - augmented reality tourism experience

At the Castle a ‘Bunnies below!’ sign will prompt visitors to download the free Reydar augmented reality app. Once they have the app they can scan the sign which acts as a trigger, launching the AR experience immediately and bringing the bunny to life.

Brodie Castle - augmented reality tourism experience

From this point the guests can take photos with the animated character that can be shared on social media with a banner promoting Brodie Castle; this is a great way for guests to share their experiences at the castle with others via social media, creating a buzz around Brodie and offering an invaluable social media opportunity.

Reydar offers endless possibilities for augmented reality in the tourism industry

Reydar is our in-house app that allows AR experiences to be hosted and supported without the need for native app development, this means amazing branded AR experiences can be crafted and deployed quickly and efficiently. It is an easy and effective way to nurture deeper brand engagement within the tourism industry through the infinite possibilities of augmented reality.

With this innovative augmented experience, The National Trust for Scotland has shaken up the cultural heritage sector, introducing a new way to engage with young audiences that has huge potential for further development both within Brodie Castle as well as across all of the Trust’s locations, and in the tourism industry as a whole.

AR solutions for the cultural heritage sector

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